Friday, October 30, 2009

Attack of the Zombie

Thursday night was our school carnival. Hannah was a zombie in the spook alley. Before we left home, we thought she should practice her scare skills.
Brad walked in the front door in the middle of this. I asked him last night if he thought it was a weird scene. He said, "Nothing really surprises me around here anymore."
They are a pretty dramatic bunch.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Santo no more!

This is what Kerrie looked like the first time we saw her in May. She was adorable and santo (bald). Every time we have done something with Susanna's hair she always asks me to "do my head mommy". Not much you can do with no hair. Well, she has been working hard to grow her hair. Last week, after I washed her hair, I decided to comb it out to see how big we could get her tiny 'fro. It was longer than I thought, and we spent the next hour putting little pigtails all over her head. She was thrilled with herself!
We have to fix them every morning. A lot of the elastics break during the night. Susanna was used to getting her hair done at Eban House. She is patient and never complains when someone works on her hair. Kerrie moves her head all over the place and complains that I am hurting her. Yesterday she said I was making her head cry. She does love the results though. We all think it makes her look older and more feminine.
Kerrie before preschool last week. Is she a cute kid or what?
Too cute to walk. Riding in Grandma and Grandpa Dildine's wagon on a walk through the park with all the Dildine side of the family.
Ready for church last Sunday.