Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Vacation Begins

 We left for California the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  We got in kind of late, so we just went to a place called Mari's for pizza (delicious) and called it a night.
 The next day it poured rain.  We didn't want to waste one of our Disneyland days in the rain, so we drove to Los Angeles.  We visited the American Girl store and went to a movie.
This vacation's Man vs. Food restaurant pick was Phillippe's.  It has been there since 1903.  It was a  fun experience and yes, we do like pie.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Braids Galore

 On the day before we left for Thanksgiving vacation, I took Su and Kerrie to Miss Shari for braids.  This was Kerrie's first time with extensions and Su's first time in at least a year.  It was a looooong process (almost 9 hours).
 The end product was well worth it!  They looked beautiful and were so happy with their braids.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Veterans Day Program

This year the third grade put on a patriotic program for Veterans Day. 
Lizzie looked so cute in her red, white and blue outfit.  I love how innocent all the kids are up on those risers just singing away. 
Grandma and Grandpa Baker came to watch.
And, of course, Mom and Dad.


Susanna turned 7 on November 8.
She opened one gift (this sparkly lavender sweater) at breakfast.  She took treats (apples and dip) to school to share with her class.  She also took treats to share with her dance class.
Su with all her birthday gifts.  I think her favorite gift was the pack of gum.
After blowing out the candles on her cupcake birthday cake.  I love that toothless grin on my gorgeous girl.


The four elementary school maniacs heading to school on Halloween morning.
Dinner with our friends the Wilhites.  We had Ogre Ear Soup (tortellini soup) and orange soda.  I think Lizzie is a little bit excited.
The gang all dressed up and ready to go.
If you are nice in a couple of shots, you get to do this.
Paige: Chili's waitress, Susanna: Bride, Kerrie: Butterfly, Hannah: Duct tape dress and Lizzie: Zombie Ballerina
Hannah and her friend Kate made their costumes entirely out of duct tape.  Very impressive.

Corn Maze

 We usually go to the pumpkin patch towards the end of October.  This year we decided to visit a maze/pumpkin patch/harvest festival instead.  It was a gorgeous day.  We had fun (even the person pouting)  in the maze.  I think it was in the shape of a BSU Bronco head.

I think the little girls actually had more fun in this maze.
 Hannah and Paige were adventurous.  Their screaming entertained all the bystanders.

Playing in the corn kernel box.
Everyone enjoyed a lunch of junk food and we even took some pumpkins home for the front porch.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


At the end of October I took Kiley, Hannah, Paige and Lizzie to the So You Think You Can Dance tour stop in SLC.  It was on a Wednesday, so we left after school on Tuesday and drove back Wednesday night after the show.  It was a quick, but really fun, trip.
I have always wanted to stop at the Malad Gorge when we have driven to Utah, and decided that this was the evening to do it.  It was amazing.  So beautiful.  There is a walking bridge built across the gorge.  It was kind of scary, but well worth it.  

We stopped in Layton so I could introduce the girls to Brick Oven Pizza.  Even better than I remember from my college days.
We stayed at Melissa's beautiful home and then enjoyed a day of shopping.  Of course the highlight of the trip was the show.  It was amazing!  We can't wait to go again next year.