Friday, November 16, 2012

13 and a Spontaneous Trip

Poor Hannah kind of got ripped off on her birthday this year.  On the Friday of Spring Break at around noon, Brad and I decided it would be fun to throw the kids in the car and head to Salt Lake for a Jazz basketball game.  Within an hour we were on the road.  We got to the game about 30 minutes before tip off.  After the game we hunted down a hotel to stay in for the night.  We found a lovely (haha) place by the airport.  Hannah was a little disappointed the next morning (her birthday) to eat the complimentary breakfast the hotel offered instead of choosing her favorite breakfast at home.
 We checked out the new City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake City and then toured temple square.
 The weather was warm and the temple grounds were beautiful.

It was a fast and wild trip, but a fun family memory.

Spring Break

 Even though Paige's birthday is in April, she had a celebrated with a couple of friends during Spring Break.
The things these girls come up with to do when they get a break from their busy schedules.

St. Patrick's Day 2012

 The gang enjoying the traditional St. Patrick's Day breakfast.
Hashbrowns with green onions, bacon and cheese
Scrambles eggs with cheese 
Lemon/poppyseed muffins
Orange juice


 Kerrie turned 6 in March.  She started her day with homemade bacon, egg and cheese McMuffins.
 Happy Birthday!
 Opening her gifts
We love you Kerrie!

Little Dancer

This was Lizzie in her performance costume for her company dance last year.
(minus the high tops and the sweatshirt)
She is such a cute performer.

Music Through the Decades

 Last March, the 5th grade program was Music Through the Decades.
Can you guess which decade Paige's class was?
It is always fun to have Grandma and Grandpa Baker come to the school programs.