Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

As much as she denies it, I know Kiley was excited for the first day of school.
Her best friend Courtney came over and they rode the bus together.
This group was not shy about their excitement!
A couple of small girls in this picture would have gladly hopped on the bus and gone to school. They have been a little bored without the rest of the gang home this morning. Our preschool will start next week.
I make all the girls strike this pose every year.
This is Hannah's last one. I let them off the hook when they start middle school. For some reason it just isn't cool anymore.

Racing back home from the bus stop.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Fun With Water

Last weekend we took the girls up to Lake Cascade for the day. It was a blast. Boating has been one of our favorite things to do together as family this summer.
Kerrie is such a good sport. She loves being one of the big girls.
Susanna prefers to stay in the boat to help Daddy drive and hold the flag.
Oops! We forgot to check where the rope was after taking a break and it got wound around the propeller. We had to get towed to shore and trailer the boat so Brad could fix it. He's handy.
Target had Slip'n'slides on clearance last week. I bought a couple to use for Lizzie's birthday party. We decided to break one out early to cool off. Susanna is very serious about working up some speed.
Tricky knee slide by Lizzie.
Nice form Paige.
Kerrie doesn't get a lot of speed going, but she sure knows how to belly flop.

Finally, on Thursday we used buy one get one free coupons at Roaring Springs Water Park that Hannah, Paige and Lizzie had earned for a reading program at school. A good time was had by all. We start school on Monday. I am so glad the girls will all have happy memories from this summer.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yeah Baby!

We spent another great day on the lake. Kerrie loved trying out the surfboard with Daddy. She wasn't scared at all.
Paige loved it too! Here they are just standing up.
Susannah wasn't as into it, but was willing to try for candy.
She was happier when it was all over.
Hannah had a great time.
It took a lot to convince Lizzie to go for a spin. Kiley and I tried on our own but were unsuccessful.
Kiley, Hannah and Paige had a lot of fun on the tube.
They even convinced Mom to join them.
Tonight we went into McCall for dinner and ice cream. Yum!