Friday, February 11, 2011

USS Midway Museum

On the second day of vacation we went to the USS Midway Museum.
It was raining most of the time we were there. Luckily, much of the museum is indoors.
This was so interesting. As you can see by the headphones, we did a self-guided tour.

These beds were in pretty tight quarters. It made me thankful for the big bed I get to stretch out in every night.
There were several planes and helicopters that the kids could play in. I would be frightened to have any of these people pilot my aircraft.

By the time we got up to the flight deck the skies had really cleared up.
The structure in the background is the "island".
All the navigating and decision making for the ship is made here.

These four are hanging off the very back of the ship.

After our tour we went to the mall and had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where to?

In San Diego we rented a 12 passenger van. When we got back to the hotel our first night Brad pulled up to the front door and I got out and unloaded all the girls. I noticed two men standing on the curb. As I was closing the door they walked over to the van and reached out to open the door. Suddenly I knew what they were thinking. "Sorry," I said. "This is our rental, not the hotel shuttle bus." They seemed a little embarassed and made some jokes about our "sweet ride". I thought it was hilarious. If I had thought quicker I would have let them get in. I would have loved to see Brad's reaction to that.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thanksgiving in San Diego - Day 1

We can't seem to have a group picture without a pouter.
The Saturday before Thanksgiving we loaded up and flew to San Diego for a week of fun in the sun. The only problem was we didn't see much sun. It was mostly chilly and rainy. We were lucky though because most of the rain (the hardest rain I have ever seen except in Hawaii) came on the first two days and we timed our outside adventures between storms.
We landed in the early afternoon. After picking up our 12 passenger van, we headed to In-N-Out for lunch. Yum. That place makes me happy. After settling in at our hotel we decided to drive out to Mission Bay and have a look around. We got there between storms and were able to walk up and down the pathway next to the beach for about an hour. We enjoyed the sound of the waves and the beachy smells. We also decided which beach house we will buy when we hit it big. We called it an early night and headed back to the hotel.