Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have been terrible about keeping this blog updated! I have decided to do a quick picture summary of the last month. On March 21 I took Kiley and Hannah to the David Archuleta concert. The next night Kiley went to a talk given by him at one of the Stake Centers in Meridian and shook his hand. It has pretty much been David Archuleta around here ever since.
We had to stand outside the concert venue for about 20 minutes before the doors opened. I don't think I have ever been in a harder rain!
A nice girl from Portland let us share her umbrella. We didn't even think to bring one with us. We went to the concert with our friends the Dittmans and met up with Brad's brother Mike and his family.
The last Saturday of Spring Break, March 28, we celebrated Paige's birthday. She invited a few friends to go see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D.
Afterwards, we went to Pronto Pup for corndogs and lemonade.
The Tuesday after Spring Break I took the preschoolers to my friend Julie Wilhite's farm for a field trip. Lizzie got to go with the afternoon group.
All the kids wore these cute boots to go out to the sheep shed and chicken coop.
Tuesday, March 31, was also Hannah's 10th birthday.
Her favorite gift was a lime green ipod.
The kids did not have school on Friday, April 3, so Hannah had a sleepover for her birthday party on Thursday night. The girls made tie dye shirts with Sharpie pens and rubbing alcohol.
They had a lot of fun and I think the results were pretty cute.
Paige turned 8 on April 3. She liked having Hannah's friends still here from the sleepover for her birthday breakfast.
Paige really wanted a skateboard for her birthday. I think she is a very cute skater chick.
We had a great Easter this year. The weather was beautiful.
The girls looked so pretty all dressed up and ready for church.
We had a nice dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Baker, Derek (my nephew from Utah) and both of my brothers and their cute families. After dinner the kids enjoyed a fun Easter egg hunt in the back yard.

We always take pictures of all the cousins who come over for Easter dinner. We even make Derek get in the picture even though he is all grown up.
After sitting nicely for pictures we let the kids show their true personalities.


Jennie said...

Great Post Tricia! You guys have been busy! I love the pictures of the David Archuleta Concert.

Melissa Zurcher said...


What a darling blog! You journeled great entries with your pics! You have such awesome tradiditions! I love the Easter pics of my cousins...Really?...could I please advance to Aunt status?...MY kids would fit in perfectly as THEIR cousins! Your girls look so happy and are getting so much older! Don't worry, Caroline has the same orange skirt/tank combo that Paige is sporting for Easter! You can totally tell which kids are Matt's! Steph's genes are getting dominated! Derek, if you're reading this, where's your upper lip - ha ha!

Melissa Zurcher said...


Kristin Jag said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE the shirts-will you tell me how you did it? I would love to do that for one of my girls birthday parties-how fun!!!