Friday, January 1, 2010


We spent Christmas Eve with the Dildines. Brad's parents had all of his brothers and sisters and all of their kids over for a nice ham dinner.
Susanna impressed Grandma with her healthy appetite. She kept asking for more "fish". She meant more ham. We finally had to cut her off.
Paige loves doing things with the cousins. Her best friend is her cousin Danny.
Kiley filling her plate.
When we got home from Grandma's house the girls were able to open their new jammies.
We went up to the theater room and watched The Nativity and Mr. Krueger's Christmas. The girls and Dad put together a plate of goodies and a Diet Coke for Santa and then hit the hay.
What an awesome group of girls.
Before they go into the family room on Christmas morning the girls have to line up and wait for Dad to check to see if Santa made it to our house. Luckily he made it again this year.


Jennie said...

I Love, love the last picture of all of the girls lined up shortest to tallest. It is perfect!

Lonni said...

Hey! Thanks for giving me the link! Your family is beautiful! I'm so happy for you all. Everyone looks content and absolutely perfect. And it was so good to talk to you the other day. Been way too long! By the way, Dawn was wonderful yesterday.

Melissa Zurcher said...

The family party looks so fun with all of the cousins! I also love the picture of the girls all lined up - what a cute idea. Santa requests a diet coke at your house?! Who knew?!