Saturday, March 20, 2010


Kerrie turned four last Tuesday.
Life is a little crazy around here and we wouldn't all be together at home until 9 P.M. so we had her party at 7 in the morning.
She opened some gifts,
took a spin on her new big wheel,
and ate a delicious breakfast of rice, sausages and fried eggs.
It was a beautiful day. Kerrie shared birthday treats with 2 sessions of preschool. A couple of the girls brought her gifts. Very sweet. It was sunny at recess and she had a hard time keeping her eyes open for pictures. She is still sassy with her eyes closed.
Kiley made her a yummy pink cake.
Happy Birthday Kerrie!
We love you.


Kristin Jag said...

Happy Birthday Kerrie!Looks like you had a great celebration.

Melissa Zurcher said...

What a great day for Kerrie! She couldn't be cuter in that bright pink! It is unfair that all of the spring colors look so fabulous on her beautiful skin! Just wondering...does that cake happen to be cherry chip?!