Friday, April 9, 2010

And so I give you St. Patrick's Day

I am using this blog as sort of a scrapbook for my kids. So, even though I am way behind, I am going to keep on blogging about holidays and events in the order they came up.
We celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a big breakfast.
Kiley usually leaves for school before many of the other girls roll out of bed. Once again they were kind enough to get up early to eat with her.
We ate our traditional golden nugget scrambled eggs,
blueberry muffins (in gold foil muffin papers),
and golden orange juice.
This year we added hash browns with bacon, cheese and green onions. Yum.
My three elementary school hams in their Irish greenery.
All of the preschoolers took a picture in this leprechaun hat.
Most were giggling like this one.

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Melissa Zurcher said...

Tricia! You are incredible with the holidays! I can't believe that breakfast! Kiley is looking so grown up with each blog post! Hannah, Paige, and Lizzie's pose is adorable! I love all of their green tops! And the preschool hilarious!! The little girls are darling!! Oh yeah, tell Brad that I love his white robe, too!