Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mountain Adventures

Last week Hannah went to a church camp just outside of Cascade with her friend Kate. She finished Friday, so the rest of the family drove up and picked her up for a weekend stay at Tamarack. Our cabin wasn't ready for check-in until 4 o'clock, so we went boating on beautiful Lake Cascade for the afternoon. Lizzie isn't interested in tubing or wakeboarding. She would rather help Dad drive the boat. The water was glassy, so Dad, Mom, Kiley and Hannah enjoyed some wakeboarding. Dad and Hannah both had pretty nasty wipeouts.
Kiley, Hannah and Paige like fast, crazy tubing. Kerrie likes slower, calmer tubing. Susanna likes to ride in the boat.
Friday night we drove into McCall for a fun dinner at Chapala.
Saturday morning the girls were well rested and ready to go back into McCall for a yummy breakfast at The Pancake House.
Then it was back to the lake. It was windy and choppy, so we just did some tubing and diving and swimming from the boat.
Some people are getting pretty tricky.
Susanna hard at work performing her boating duties.
Warm sun, comfy mom, sleepy girls.
Last month Kiley and I went up to McCall for Girls' Camp.We went on a great hike up to Boulder Lake. We were really excited to take the family. It is a four mile round trip hike. The girls did a great job. Whining was minimal.
Taking a rest on the way up.
Eating lunch at the top.
One of many attempts at a family shot using the timer and propping the camera up on a rock with sticks.
The awesome scenery wouldn't look as great without beautiful girls in the shot.
Taking a break on the way back down.
Posing with the cowboy in front of the cabin as we were getting ready to come home on Monday.

Someone is a bit of a ham.


Melissa Zurcher said...

Wow! Am I behind with your blog!! Gorgeous pictures of McCall and the family. I love the one by the lake...with everyone in it! Your cabin looks darling.

Melissa Zurcher said...

P.S. I also love the tricksters behind the boat!