Thursday, August 19, 2010

End of an Era

Hannah (seen here with her BFF Kate) graduated from Eagle Elementary School at the beginning of June. She has been excited to move on to middle school since the third grade. Today we went to middle school registration. She would be thrilled if summer would end today and she could get back to school tomorrow. I think she is most excited to have a locker this year. We have three people moving on to new schools this year. Kiley starts high school, Hannah starts middle school and Susanna starts kindergarten. Nothing stays the same around here for very long.
This is a picture of Hannah with her fifth grade teacher Mrs. Bunn. This lady is awesome. She really gets the kids ready for middle school and they feel so loved by her.


Courtney said...

I noticed you had 0 comments.
Well now you have 1. :)
And I'd like to congratulate Hannah and Kate for graduating elementary school...I guess.


Melissa Zurcher said...

Hannah has such a beautiful smile! I can't believe she started middle school! Remember when I snuck up there to attend her baptism? Seems like yesterday...