Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Lizzie was baptized the first Saturday in September.
A girl in our ward did these pretty braids for her.
Lizzie and her dad in front of the font before he baptized her.
With the family after the baptism. It was such a beautiful day.
Lizzie with Grandpa and Grandma Baker
Lizzie with Grandpa and Grandma Dildine
All the sisters and the cousins who came to Lizzie's baptism.
Later that afternoon we celebrated with lunch at Chuck-a Rama.

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Melissa Zurcher said...

Everyone looks so beautiful in the family picture. I love Kiley's curly hair, Hannah's dress & shrug, Paige with her hair pulled back, and Kerrie & Susanna's bright dresses on their dark skin! Lizzie's hair is amazing! Holy long did that take?! She looks adorable! Brad's jumpsuit is awesome! There is nothing better than Chuck-a-Rama for a family of six girls!! I am so glad Charlie is there to support our side of the family. Whew! Where are the fab Baker boys? Jean and Dennis are classic.