Saturday, October 1, 2011


In June I was lucky enough to go to Girls' Camp with Kiley and Hannah in Eastern Oregon.  We stayed in a camp on the Owyhee River.  It was an amazing week and we had some really cool experiences.  The picture above is from our hike.
The highlight of the week was day we went rappelling.  It was the one of the scariest, coolest things I have ever done.  I was so proud of the girls.  They were really scared (some were terrified, including me) but they did it anyway.  I think it was a very empowering experience.  They realized they could do things that were hard and that really challenged them.  In the above picture Kiley is about half way down and Hannah is just starting.
Hannah kind of froze at the top and thought she couldn't do it.  The awesome guide we had put on his gear and came down with her.  He did not want her to miss out on the experience.
Later that night the girls had a chance to share their thoughts. Hannah said it helped her realize that we need people in our lives to guide and help us.  She (and a lot of the other girls) expressed thoughts about Jesus and Heavenly Father helping us, comforting us and guiding us through hard times and challenges in our lives if we will listen and trust.  It is awesome what lessons kids can learn on their own through positive experiences like these. 

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