Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nativity Scenes

I love decorating for Christmas.  My favorite thing to decorate with is Nativity scenes.
 This is the first Nativity Scene I bought.  We got it at Costco about 8 years ago.  It looked so pretty all lit up in our entryway.
 I won this carved Nativity Scene from a raffle.
 Brad served a mission in the Philippines.  This cement Nativity Scene from the Philippines.
 This is a metal Nativity Scene from Ghana.
 This is the Nativity Scene I grew up with.  I am so happy to have it in my home.
 This is a fabric Nativity Scene from Ghana.
This was my new Nativity Scene this year.  It is from Kenya.  I think the figures are made from banana leaves and they are housed inside a gourd.

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