Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun at the Lake

We finally have weather warm enough to go boating. We took all the girls Saturday and today. The little girls seem to really like it. Susanna likes to help Daddy drive and was pretty comfortable jumping into the water to me today. Kerrie is a daredevil and likes to go on the tube with the big girls.
Hannah, Paige and Kiley
Kiley, Kerrie and Hannah
Today was very exciting because Paige got up on the wakeboard for the first time. She was awesome and very pleased with herself.

Kiley (above) and Hannah (below) are old pros. They both looked great. Mom also wakeboarded today, but fortunately for everyone there are no pictures.


Jennie said...

It is so much fun to see your posts. Looks like you had fun at the lake.

Deborah said...

It is just wonderful to see your beautiful girls at home, in a family, having fun, totally being loved. I met them in February, so it really means a lot to me to see them so happy. May God bless you.

Jazfanz said...

I love that top picture of the girls. They all look so great together.