Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of School

As much as she denies it, I know Kiley was excited for the first day of school.
Her best friend Courtney came over and they rode the bus together.
This group was not shy about their excitement!
A couple of small girls in this picture would have gladly hopped on the bus and gone to school. They have been a little bored without the rest of the gang home this morning. Our preschool will start next week.
I make all the girls strike this pose every year.
This is Hannah's last one. I let them off the hook when they start middle school. For some reason it just isn't cool anymore.

Racing back home from the bus stop.


Kiley said...

Don't post lies mother!

Melissa Zurcher said...


The girls look so adorable! Great job on the first day outfits! How do you get the five little girls to pose and smile so well?! Is Lizzie a hot or cold lunch girl? I LOVE the pics getting on the school bus. What could be better than the two littles running home after sending their big sisters off?

Paige said...

Mom there are so so cute racing home.Im even cute ha ha ha and the first was a blast i cant wait till next year to meet my new awesome teacher and have a blast in 4th grade love you Paigey!P.s hannah lizzie countey and kiley are awesome too cant wait till the 3rd day of school!!!