Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yeah Baby!

We spent another great day on the lake. Kerrie loved trying out the surfboard with Daddy. She wasn't scared at all.
Paige loved it too! Here they are just standing up.
Susannah wasn't as into it, but was willing to try for candy.
She was happier when it was all over.
Hannah had a great time.
It took a lot to convince Lizzie to go for a spin. Kiley and I tried on our own but were unsuccessful.
Kiley, Hannah and Paige had a lot of fun on the tube.
They even convinced Mom to join them.
Tonight we went into McCall for dinner and ice cream. Yum!


Hollie said...

Cute family. Dang! we didn't see you on the lake. We are there every weekend too. I love Susanna's hair extensions, they are adorable. Hollie

Melissa Zurcher said...

I figured out how to comment! These pictures are adorable! You are doing such a great job at creating fun memories for your girls. Everyone looks so happy! The family pic at dinner in McCall is especially cute. Briton wants to know how Brad got the kids on the surfboard. Did he start in the water with them?!