Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Halloween was kind of rushed this year because it was on Sunday. We didn't get home from church until about 5:45. After a quick dinner the girls threw on their costumes and headed out for some trick or treating. This year Hannah was an 80's punk princess, Lizzie was a Snow Queen, Kerrie and Susanna were both ladybugs and Paige was a jockey on a horse. Kiley did not dress up. She still looks pretty from church.
Hannah posing with the jack-o-lantern she designed.
Happy Halloween!!!


Paige said...

Kerrie looks so funny.

Melissa Zurcher said...

Great costumes! I have a Madame Alex doll that is a snow queen with the same costume that Lizzie is wearing! Beautiful! I love Hannah's getup! I think I had earrings like those...