Saturday, January 1, 2011


The highlight of the year for our family was having Susanna and Kerrie sealed to us on October 16 in the Boise Temple.
It was an incredible experience being in the temple with all these beautiful girls dressed in white.

We sure do love these two little girls. They bring a lot of joy into our home.

What a blessing it is for Brad and me to be parents to this awesome group of girls.


Davis Family said...

Love the pics! You all look amazing. Brad is one lucky man with his ladies...this is just the first of many photo opps like this one! :)

Jennie said...

Your pictures turned out so nice. That was a really neat day. I love the one of Kerri and Susanna together.

Melissa Zurcher said...

Beautiful! You are all beaming and look so happy! What an incredible memory for the girls...all 6 girls! I am sure even little Kerrie will retain some of the details. (I was her same age, and I can remember specific things!) I wish I could have witnessed the occasion. Are these Tawnie's photos? Fabulous job.