Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beautiful Braids

When my girls are four years old we get beautiful black and white portraits taken of them. We have a special dress that everyone wears for their picture. I have always wanted to get the dress framed and hang it with the pictures. I am so glad I am a procrastinator because two more beautiful girls needed to get their picture taken in that dress. On Tuesday morning I took Susanna to a place downtown to get extensions put in her hair so she would look good for her pictures. They turned out great! She loves them and she looked great getting her picture taken. She laughed the whole time.
She is so proud of her hair. She said, "Miss Shari made my head look pretty."
Tuesday night we took pictures of the big girls in their dance costumes at my friend Julie's house. We looked through the box of old dance costumes and came up with something pretty for Kerrie and Susanna to pose in as well.

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Kristin Jag said...

Her hair looks beautiful and so does her SMILE!!! She looks so happy-thanks for sharing. Hey, are you guys driving over for the AAI reunion? I know it is far, but since you are 'closer' than some, I just wanted to check!