Saturday, July 25, 2009

We missed you!

Kiley went up to McCall with my mom, my aunt and my niece on Thursday. My sister Jill (from Dallas) and her five girls plus other odds and ends of the family were up there for the week enjoying the lake. On Friday a big group went rafting down the Payette River. Kiley had a great time. She is more of a thrill seeker than we had ever imagined. This morning I loaded the other five girls in the car and headed up to join in the fun and to celebrate Charlie's (my brother Matt's seven year old) birthday. We spent five hours at the Fish and Swim Club swimming and playing with all the cousins. I drove a carload of tired girls home. Dad was happy to have all seven of his girls home safe and sound tonight.
All the sisters missed Kiley and were happy to have her back with us.
Kiley is loved.

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Kiley said...

i missed you guys too! im glad this post has nothing to do with "electrified!" haha ;)