Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nanny McPhee

About a week ago Lizzie had a tooth that was so loose it practically stuck straight out. We told her she looked like Nanny McPhee because she could close her mouth and her tooth would be on the outside. Brad was going to take the four older girls camping and I told her the tooth was not allowed to go along.

Out it came!
Last night she came downstairs before bed and showed her dad another tooth that was hanging by a string. I think Brad blew on it and it fell out. This girl likes her teeth to be VERY loose before anyone tries to pull them out.


We are Grateful!!! said...

Hilarious!!! We are headed to the dentist in an hour to get three (yes, three) teeth pulled from our 9 year old, "H". I have begged, threatened, and postponed the appt. for three months. Notta happening!!! Now come the consequences (and for mom and dad, financially). (I think ours is the poster child of strong-willed children)! Glad a camping trip was the trick for you.
:) T

We are Grateful!!! said...

PS. It ended up being 5 teeth.
Still laughing at the Nanny McPhee pics.!