Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 2

On Saturday morning we all went out to breakfast at The Pancake House. We were so surprised when we walked in and saw our friend Angie. She was one of our favorite babysitters for many years until we able to start having Kiley babysit. She is also one of the people we have counted on to stay with the girls when Brad and I go out of town together.
After a yummy breakfast at our favorite corner table Brad headed back home for the day to attend a very important fantasy football draft.
The girls and I walked down to Shore Lodge and played on the beach all afternoon.
These three were hard at work on some project for most of the time.
There is a fun water trampoline that the three older girls swam out to and played on for awhile.
That night we made individual homemade pizzas.

After dinner and showers the girls played a little Uno.
Tucked in after another fun day in the mountains.

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Melissa Zurcher said...

The best thing about your family, is everyone has built-in playmates. The girls can entertain each other all day on the beach or trampoline. What a fun way to grow up. They will really appreciate all of your hard work.