Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eight is Great

Lizzie's birthday was August 30. It was also the first day of school.
The Saturday before her birthday we went to see Ramona and Beezus and ate lunch at Red Robin. There is nothing wrong with Lizzie's arm in this picture. She is wearing the ace bandage that is the most popular toy in our house.
Sassy birthday girl heading off to the first day of school.
Yummy McDonald's lunch brought to school by mom and ...
cute little sisters.
We took Jr. Fat Boys into Lizzie's classroom for her to share with all her new classmates. Her teacher puts the birthday kid's treat on this cute singing cake plate.
Opening gifts after school. This mermaid Barbie was what she most wanted for her birthday.
Happy Birthday Lizzie. We love you sweet girl.


Paige said...

It is true the ace bandage is popular.But it isn't my fav toy.That was the day i got my blue hair strip!
Love you lizzie happy birthday!

Melissa Zurcher said...

The ace bandage? LOL! How funny! Lizzie looks so happy! Lucky girl to have the first day of school be your birthday! Tricia, I love that you make birthday celebrations an ALL day affair!