Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Susanna's sixth birthday was November 8. It was on a Monday, so we had her cake (chocolate eclair) the night before when all the family was together.
The next morning she woke up to the traditional display of gifts on the kitchen counter.
She chose eggs, rice and sausage for her breakfast. She also opened her breakfast gift which was a pack of Silly Bands.
Kerrie and Mom brought in Krispie Kreme doughnuts to her kindergarten class. Susanna sat in the front of the class and was interviewed by her friends.
She then led the class in "follow the leader" back to their seats.
Kerrie joined right in with the big kids.
After school Susanna had some of her friends over for lunch and a movie. They ate Happy Meals and watched How to Train Your Dragon.
Later that night Susanna opened gifts from her family. She was very excited to get this Nintendo DS. Now she is just like the big girls.
Happy Birthday Susanna!!!

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Melissa Zurcher said...

I love that you let each girl choose her breakfast and that you make the entire day a celebration. And you do it SIX times per year! Does Brad get the same treatment?! What a fun day for Susanna. She looks darling with her very appealing cake and thrilled with her DS. Make sure she doesn't take the DS along with her if she goes on a DI drop. :( Cute party idea...Happy Meals and a movie...what more do kids want?!